AB Kontaktpressning is since 2014 certified according to ISO 14001: 2004.

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Environmental policy

AB Kontaktpressning sells and manufactures quality cabel harnesses, components and production equipment. 
Our main aim of environmental work is to reduce the environmental impact of operations. We will continuously improve our environmental performance, monitoring and follow legal requirements in the area. Purchases of products and materials, electricity, transport and waste are areas that are the focus of our improvement in the environmental area.

We run our environmental efforts by:
  • Environmental issues are a natural part of the company's operations and daily work.
  • In conversation with customers and suppliers choose environmentally friendly solutions.
  • All employees are aware of the environmental issues that are related to their work.

Environmental work

AB Kontaktpressning work actively with their environmental efforts by, inter alia:
  • Have the environmental targets to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Offer our customers a favorable shipping offer by our carrier with coordinated delivery date  to thereby reduce the number of shipments from the company.
  • Work actively with the production technology to achieve both the high quality of our products and minimize waste and residues.
  • Actively choose suppliers with a certified environmental management system in the first place when price and delivery are equivalent and choose eco-labeled alternative current supplies company when possible.